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TV Commercial Ad

Grow your business with targeted TV Commercials on Premiere networks including CNN, MSNBC, ESPN, MSNBC and OWN!

Receive 25,000 views of your commercial in a month!!

Get Seen, Get Known, Get Paid

Streaming TV had the largest share of U.S. TV viewing in July 2022. American viewers spent more time watching content on streaming than on cable or broadcast TV. While streaming viewing time has passed broadcast before, this is the first time it's beaten cable. Plus, streaming TV advertising allows you to target better so the homeowner in a suburban neighborhood doesn't get served the same ad as a college student on the other side of town.

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Your success can be shared with your best target audience so that you can increase your customer base.

Reach anywhere from 1-5million viewers with your TV commercial campaign.

Affordable Television Marketing & Media spots for the business that wants to take their brand to the next level and get your brand in front of your best clients.

Share your products and services with laser targeted parameters on income level, zip code, city and more.

Get Seen by Your Best Customers Today because they are out there waiting for a business like yours.

Get Your Brand Known
Time to get connected with your best clients right with our industry beating price point you can't beat or find anywhere else.

Advertise Your Business on TV on Our Easy to Use Ad Platform!

Until now, the most effective forms of advertising were out of reach for most businesses.  TV commercials were expensive.  Billboards had high minimums. Internet ads had limited targeting.  Even just making ads was hard.  AdCritter has changed all this.

We Make Advertising Easy.

Easy Ad Creation – We have millions of free ads and TV commercials to choose from for virtually every kind of business.  Just choose your business type (over 1,000 available), select the ads and commercials you like and tweak them to your taste.  Have a business that's too unique for our pre-designed ads? Tell us about it, and we'll make your ads for free.

Targeted TV – TV advertising has always been powerful. It used to be unaffordable because you had to advertise to the whole city. With Targeted TV (CTV), you can show your commercials only in the households most likely to buy from you.  Target based on locations, interests, buying behavior and more.

How It Works:


• Choose an ad or commercial from the millions in our library for over 1,000 business types
• Upload your existing ad, commercial or billboard
• Ask us to customize one for you


• Choose location-based targeting (zip codes, city, metro area, state, geo-fencing)
• Choose audience-based targeting (upload an audience of email addresses, street addresses, etc or build an audience using LiveRamp data segments such as homeowners, parents of teenagers, pet lovers and impulse buyers). Layer that with demographics such as sex, age and household income.


We'll place your ad on top performing sites and networks!

Check out your analytics on our dashboard, download a report in the platform and check out your executive dashboard in your account.

How to Buy:

1. Activate this product TV

2. Use our platform to create, target and deliver your advertising.

3. You are billed monthly for the product.  The add-on campaign spend will always be exhausted 30 days after you buy it.  There are NO SETUP FEES.




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