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Make your site & business accessible to everyone online.

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Make your site & business accessible to everyone online.

An ADA compliant site, help everyone & no threat of non-ADA compliant litigation.
Web Accessibility Platform for Businesses of All Sizes
Begin your path to ADA & WCAG compliance with AudioEye's easy-to-use technology platform, certified accessibility experts, and legal assistance.

Visibility and insights in one dashboard
View, analyze, and track progress on all accessibility issues found with AudioEye’s Issue Reporting.

Use our detailed reports to make data-driven decisions and measure ROI.


See which issues have been fixed automatically and which require additional attention.

Sort accessibility issues by type and severity to prioritize the most important fixes

Understand each issue’s impact on user experience for people of different abilities

Personalized accessibility experiences, delivered
Deliver accessible and optimized experiences that feel native to your website with our advanced accessibility platform.


As accessibility issues arise, we find and fix the majority of them before they reach your customers.

Assistive technology (AT) users regularly confirm that AudioEye improves their online experiences

AudioEye's Visual Toolkit allows customers to take control of their experiences to suit their needs

Building accessible websites is a journey, and we're here to help
AudioEye helps you work toward ADA and WCAG 2.1 compliance through a combination of automation technology and human touch
How AudioEye Helps You Stay Compliant:
Sustainable Testing and Remediation Plan
Ongoing Automated Testing
Periodic Manual Audits
Accessibility Training and Education
Issue Reporting Real-time Dashboard
Available Grievance Procedures
Free Fixes for Reported Issues
Patented Automated Remediations

Web accessibility for the most popular platforms
No matter which platform you've used to build your website, you can easily activate AudioEye and begin your path toward a more accessible online experience

Key Points
Path to compliance with ADA, Sec508, AODA & more, using WCAG2.1AA
Patented, industry-leading technology finds & fixes up to 80% of website accessibility issues automatically
Issue reporting dashboard & sharable reports
Toolbar with 24/7 Helpdesk
Basic Legal Support


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